NXPowerLite 7.1

Compress documents, presentations and images and save storage space
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NXPowerLite can compress documents, presentations and images, which allows saving storage space and sending them over email without difficulties. The application has a very intuitive graphic user interface, which supports drag-and-drop operations. In addition, the utility integrates seamlessly with the operating system, so you can shrink a supported file straight from Windows Explorer.

It is important to note that the program is not an archiver; therefore, the source format or the original quality are not changed in any way. Instead, the application works by re-dimensioning high-resolution images and eliminating background data that are not necessary. I tried it with various PDFs and PowerPoint presentations and it actually decreased their size to almost half of the original weight and, surprisingly, there was no noticeable quality loss whatsoever.

This product supports various Office formats (PowerPoint, Excel and Word), portable documents (PDF), images (JPG) and even compressed files (ZIP). Yet, it cannot work properly when the source file is digitally-signed, protected or encrypted. In addition, documents created with Office versions before 97 or after 2013 may be not supported either.

Luckily, the tool can save you a lot of time by processing batches of files, which you can import individually or as complete folders. It comes with various built-in optimization profiles but you can also use personalized parameters. Unluckily, though, you cannot save one of these customized profiles for further use. The program lets you configure naming procedures and decide what to do with the resulting files, including sending them as email attachments.

All in all, NXPowerLite is a tool that I find extremely useful and, therefore, I recommend it to everyone. The product is shareware and its trial version will be completely functional for about 14 days. There are also various editions NXPowerLite for desktop, NXPowerLite for File Servers and NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange with different features and prices.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • No quality loss whatsoever
  • Excellent compression rate
  • Automatic compression of email attachments
  • Various optimization profiles
  • Retains the original format
  • Batch processing
  • System integration


  • Some Office and PDF versions are not supported
  • Encrypted, password-protected and digitally-signed files cannot be processed
  • Customized profiles cannot be saved for further use
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