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Compress your images and documents to save space and improve your file sharing
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Size does matter, especially in the time of e-mail. NXPowerLite offers you a simple solution to your file size problems, compressing any Office and PDF documents, as well as any JPEG, PNG, and TIFF images so that you can send them as attachments without clogging the recipient’s inbox. The program can compress entire folders and group the files in a ZIP container if you wish.

It’s not all about inbox capacity, or not only – sending smaller files as attachments or via cloud services will always be easier when the Wi-Fi is not that good or you only count with a poor transmission speed. NXPowerLite provides compression ratios that can reduce the size of your Office and PDF files down to a third of their original file, depending on the amount and the quality of the images they may contain. Images are not easily shrunk, not without compromising their quality.

When compressing TIFF, PNG, and JPEG images (either as standalone files or as part of a PDF or Office file), the program will ask you how much of the original quality you’re willing to sacrifice – the lower the quality, the higher the compression rate. That is why you will find disparities in the compression rates when, for instance, you shrink all Word files in a folder, not to mention the low rate that scanned PDF files get compared to text-based ones. On the other end of the scale, tiny files smaller than 50 KB are usually left untouched by NXPowerLite.

What sets this program apart from traditional compression tools, such as WinZip, is the fact that instead of applying the standard compression algorithms to your files, it “slims” them down by removing all redundant information. That is why it is capable of taking a ZIP file, shrink its contents even further and produce a smaller ZIP container – NXPowerLite is not compressing already compressed files, it is reducing their weight by treating each component of the file (text, images, graphs, etc.) separately and removing all unnecessary bytes. It is a pity that the list of supported file formats is so short – there are various widely used document and image formats that could also benefit from its algorithms.

NXPowerLite has been designed for desktop computers, but you can also opt to a Server Compression Suite that includes a version of the program for servers, a video compression tool, and a Microsoft Exchange solution that will compress all attachments automatically. As for e-mail compression, note that NXPowerLite for desktops also compresses all attachments sent out from an Outlook or a Lotus Notes client.

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  • Optimizes entire folders of files
  • Select files from folders by type
  • Create your own optimization profiles
  • Customize optimization processes by file type
  • Offers high cmpression ratios
  • Adds files to ZIP archives


  • Does not support many common file types
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